Saturday, May 31, 2008

6 days and counting…

Well we are down to the countdown, we went to the doctor on Friday and the c-section is scheduled for this Friday at St. Joseph's in Kirkwood.   I have a ton of emotions going through me right now - excited, nervous, scared......  

I can say that we are officially ready, my sister walked into the nursery and asked if we went to Babiesrus and just bought one of everything.   There are a lot of benefits to waiting to later in life to have a baby and having lots of friends.

I am glad we are down to the countdown, I haven't been a very happy camper the past couple of weeks.   I use to be great with email and returning phone calls.... now I am so tired of the internet and I have became horrible with returning calls, I haven't been in a very good mood and I have decided I am one of those people that would rather not talk than to say something wrong.   I started to get back into reading to keep my mind off of every thing, well needless to say if I read before I go to bed I have dreams about what I have read.... no more suspense books!!  Movies do the same thing too me.... last night I had a dream that Josh decided not to show up at our wedding ( Marlow I told you I would dream about the movie )

Gideon is still moving as much as ever, our doctor keeps telling us an active baby is a healthy baby.   Well we are having one healthy baby.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time Flies ….

It's been a while since I have updated the blog so I thought I would include several things in this one....

May was a semi-busy month for us, isn't it funny how life can be hectic and yet you can still have extra time on hands.

I have been on house arrest most of the month of May and work had planned a shower so Josh was drafted to come in my stead. We received lots of really cool things that we still needed and I can say Josh loved opening all the gifts as you can see by the pictures.

Gideon received a very special gift from Uncle Don and Aunt Dawn. When we were cleaning out the attic at his moms house, Josh found the rocker that his mom used for all of her kids. It was painted black & white and was in pieces, I don't think a single part of it was put together. Don offered to refinish it for us and I didn't have a whole lot of hope that it could be done, not that he couldn't do it, but what he had to work with wasn't a lot . Needless to say the rocker was delivered last week totally restored and is beautiful. Josh was speechless as was I. So even though his mom isn't here to share in our little one's life, he will have a part of her in his room. Somehow saying "thank you" didn't seem enough.

This was the weekend that my godchild, Kevin graduated from SLU High. It was a joke between me and his mom that this would be one of the first major events that I missed of his life..... little did we know that Gideon would delay his arrival so I was able to attend. I sat in the handicapped section at Powell Hall, which is rather comfortable :-). I can say due to the hormones in pregnancy I had tears seeing him graduate. I still remember when Angie was pregnant with him... He graduated with a 3.69 average for all 4 years of high school!! Congrats Kevin!! So proud of you!!

We are still waiting and unless I go into labor beforehand, our c-section has been scheduled for June 6th. I was teasing Josh that I almost wish he would wait till the seventh of June and then his birthday would be 06-07-08 , but I am sure by next week I will feel totally different. We are so excited for him to get here!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The last week and Mother’s Day!!

So I have survived another week, anyone who knows me knows I am not a homebody, never have been.   So the past three weeks have been rather hard not going anywhere or doing anything.   I can say that the weeks have went rather quickly thanks to some great friends & family that have either called to chat, brought me lunch or just stopped in to visit or just sent an email to say "Hi".  

We are on the downhill now, my doctor is officially back in the states and I have his first appointment on Monday.   My contractions are becoming more frequent, about 4 an hour. So hopefully this little guy will behave his self until at least Monday. 

Mother's Day is this weekend and I dont know if its being in the house or being pregnant or what but this year I am so glad I have the mom I have.   She has called or came by everyday, brought me all my cravings (chocolate donuts and ice cream) whenever I have needed them, ran to Babysrus to get the last couple of necessities, mailed all my ebay packages and listened to me complain about feeling so helpless and have encouraged me to hang in there that he will be here before I know it. 

One thing I have realized in life that our moms can be our best friend or the person that nags us to death, but I can honestly say that I dont think I could of made it the past couple weeks without her or have even wanted too.

So Happy Mothers Day to all the moms!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Doctor Visit

Things went well today at the doctors office,  I haven't dilated anymore.  I am having to take the Procardia every 4 hours instead of every six hours.   I have been having some contractions, but not enough for them to consider it labor.

We have 6 more days until my doctor is back from Europe and will probably be taking me off of the Procardia, so next week could be a very interesting week for us.  I can say that I will be very happy when he is back in the states.  

Josh has been great during the whole "house arrest" time.   He wakes me up every four hours during the night to give me my medicine and to reset the alarm for next time.   He moved the mini crib into our room tonight and rearrange all the furniture to fit without the room being wall to wall with furniture.   People are not kidding when they say that little people come with a lot of stuff.  We have spent the last year "merging" both of our stuff and just when we thought we had "extra" room, we had to start making room for our new addition stuff.

My new camera came in so I have had lots of time to figure out to work it! So be prepared for lots of pictures in the near future.

 I can say that I am loving the weather.   I sat outside on the deck tonight and could not believe how nice it was.   The grass & trees are so green right now.    I love this time of year, so if I am going to have to wait, its nice to be doing it in perfect weather.