Thursday, April 30, 2009

Video Update

So here are a few videos for everyone to enjoy. In our first video, we see the standard reaction to Dad getting home. Dad loves this.

In our second video, we see a quick Easter kiss between Dada and Mama. The great part about this video is the look he gives when it happens. I've watched this over and over and cracked up. I think he's saying something to the effect of, "Oh no... they're kissing behind me aren't they?"

Next we have just a very cute moment.

And lastly... we have Gideon's first steps caught on video! Note that the actual first steps came about a week ago, but we hadn't caught it on video until now. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer is almost here!

I love Spring, Summer and Fall, but hate Winter. I actually planned G's due date around the fact that I didn't want to have a baby in the winter. I hate layers and the very thought of having to bundle a baby up all the time is something I would dread. I think I have passed this trait on to G. We so have an outside baby, most people use their tv as their babysitter, we use our french doors, if he can see outside he is one happy baby.

We received several gift cards for shower gifts and since we where blessed to get almost everything we registered and more I decided to wait to use them till recently. We went Monday and used the one from Uncle John to get him a wagon, as you can see in the picture, he loves it. Yesterday we had to go for two walks, which was great, I get my excersice in and he gets to yak at all the neighbors that are outside.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Today is my mom's birthday!! I can honestly say I have the best mom in the world. She has always been there for me and is always just a phone call away. Thank you mom for being a great mom and and even greater Mama!!

Love you,
J, T & G

Thursday, April 2, 2009

She is missed....

Two years ago today a very dear person passed away.
I was going to blog, but can't really find the words today.

Her gravestone says it all " You are in our hearts and souls"