Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall!!! So long great summer.

So this summer I decided to lay low, instead of doing the inviting, I decided to be the invited. I didn't plan playdates or organize parties or huge girls nights. I just went with the flow. I felt like if someone wanted to see me/us that they would could initiate it. You may call this being a bad friend, but I think there comes a time in life that you need to just be still. One of my favorite verses is "Be still and know that I am your God". This has been a year of resting for me. I didnt over schedule or feel the need to go to every cool event. I just mentally rested. If someone called to ask to do something, I would return the favor and call them the next time, but wouldnt invite everyone to join us. I can say that it has turned out sort a interesting. Some friends that I thought would call, never called and some that I hadnt heard from in months suddenly started calling. Some friendships strengthened and some grew more distant.

I feel this has been a summer of growth for me. My house feels so much like home, projects have been started and completed. I told Josh several years ago that I wanted our children to love and be proud of our home. Not that we have the biggest or the smallest house on the street, but that this house was their home. A place to rest and feel loved. I know that every generation is different, but I remember that growing up we did fun things on the weekend as a family with family friends. I want my children to find more enjoyment and contentment playing in their rooms / backyard as they do playing at the park. I want them to treasure each other as a playmate more than than the friends down the street. I know they are little but I think this year they have. Gideon school has VIP night and he got to choose one special person to go with him and he chose his sister. I mentioned several friends to him, Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends and his response was "Mommy - Sissy is my berry important person". I hope and pray that they always have this closeness.