Thursday, January 10, 2008

And the waiting has begun….

Baby Furniture ordered - CHECK

Baby Bedding/pictures for the nursery - CHECK

Finding out the sex of the baby - CHECK

Deciding the name of the baby (we're not telling anyone) - CHECK

Waiting for the little guy to arrive .............................................................................................................

I used to prize myself on being a patient person, but I can tell you sometime in the past couple of months my patience level has gone out the window.   Looking back at our wedding I realized that it was the perfect sitituation, he proposed, I planned and bam we were married... we didn't have a lot of time,  engaged in December and married in March.  

I can say that I have been lucky enough in life to be able to have several friends to share the same "time" in life with,  when I was single I had tons of single girl friends, the year I got married 5 of our friends were married the same year and now that we are expecting several friends & two of my sister-in-laws are expecting.   So we are waiting together...

Christmas is over and "year-end" is almost over at work,  so we have officially started getting things ready for our new arrival.   We have semi-registered, ordered the baby furniture, moved completely into maternity clothes, and gotten very anxious.   Josh has earned the "husband" of the year award.   My mom made a statement that she doesn't have to worry about me since I have Josh, and it's very true, as I am writing this blog he is sitting next to me reading " What to expect, when you are expecting."   He has been great, a little too concerned at times, but I wouldn't change him for anything.  It's really nice having someone to take care of me while waiting :-) ...

This blog is me rambling...good night everyone.  


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It’s going to be a boy!

So, tonight Tammy and I are emotionally worn out, having spent the whole day being excited about getting to see the baby via the ultrasound this morning.  They took a ton of pictures.  Here's a good one of the whole baby:

So, there's our bouncing, stretching, swimming baby boy!  I have to admit, I'm wonderfully proud, and also thrilled to know that we have been mostly buying for the right gender so far.  Tammy was thinking that it was a boy, whereas I've been really unsure, but still happy to buy cool stuff for whenever we were to have a boy.  We were much further along in coming up with the boy theme and decor for the nursery, so basically we have the bedding and some paintings already.  We're doing the nursery in space rockets (so cool).

     The cool solar system painting we picked up a month or two ago does still have Pluto on it... for those of you that voted to grandfather it in as still being a planet *cough* Brad *cough*  Actually, it looks like much of the space themed stuff hasn't been adjusted to remove Pluto which was demoted to "dwarf planet" status in 2007.

Tammy's having all the fun adding space stuff to our online Target Registry for the eventual baby shower while I'm working on this post, so I'm going to go shoulder shop with her.