Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Day 2

So, I spent all that time setting this complex thing up, I suppose we'd better use it... :)

We're both covered in mosquito bites from our camping trip last weekend.  For some reason it seems the mosquitoes of Council Bluff Lake (MO) are ankle biters.  I have 15 bites on one ankle, 5 on the other, and only 2 or 3 more on the entire rest of my body.  So, I've learned this past weekend that ankles need bug spray too.  Tammy managed to get bitten at random places.  *shrug*

It's been a heavy laptop week for us, what with me pulling together a whole lot of financial info, and Tammy trying to catch up on her ebay listings.  I'm not really sure what she listed, but she's set some lofty goals for sales by October.  I love having a suger momma.  On a small ebay side note, there was some sort of large ebay user phishing scam on the 25th/26th.  There's some info about the 1200 users whose info got publicly posted on the ebaychatter web site.  Remember folks, never give personal info to any site you got to by clicking a link.

No word on the baby front yet, but the search for female names we both like continues.  Isabella somehow became a top 10 name this year according to the Social Security report, so that's definitely out now.  I'm not listing candidates here, as some of our friends are known name stealers (you know who you are).

We celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary on Monday evening, where I got Tammy 6 roses, made her this blog site, and I cooked her dinner.  I racked up some brownie points on that set :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We finally have our own blog