Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gotta luv a great deal!

So we close on our house in 3 weeks, one thing that J and I agreed on was that we weren't going to go crazy and spend a lot of money buying stuff for the new house.
Our original date to close on the house was July 6th, so I have had a ton of time thinking and planning how I wanted to decorate the house. I loved our last house, but wanted to do different colors, which meant a lot of my decorations, rugs, and curtains would not match. I am happy to say that patience and discipline has paid off. Almost everything I wanted to buy I found this week at Target for 75% off. We needed several large area rugs and managed to get most of them for $30.00 or even cheaper. The bath rugs where less than $5.00. Yes, I had to go to 3 different stores to get everything, but when you see what I spent and what I got, you would have done the same thing!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A great day.

So today we met up with some friends and went to six flags. We got there at 3:30, and hit almost all of the good rides before the park closed at 8... Evil knievel (quite fast, and fun), the Scrambler (now called Shazam!), Mr. Freeze (always good), Thunder River (soaked), the Mine Train (still as jerky as I remember, still fun too [I still remember losing my green visor on there as a small child]), The Screaming Eagle (a classic, though it is getting bumpy again), bumper cars (still very fun), rush street flyer (I can see the car from here!), scooby doo's haunted swamp (we're still young), Batman (smooth and fun), the Ninja (bumpy for steel, but still consistently good), and Tony Hawk's big spin (enjoyable and very dizzying).

All in great weather with my beautiful wife and great friends. It was a truly great day.


Oh, and we took only one picture of us... :)

I should also mention that I bought Gideon a lightsaber toy, which he enjoyed when we got home. He already knows to say, "Voooom, vooom" when waving it around :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Dandy-bear moment.

Just a cute Teddy bear moment