Friday, November 30, 2012

Fall - oh how I love thee!

We have made it a tradition to spend Thanksgiving with Dandy and GranDawn. The kids love it and I love getting out of town for a bit! One of the highlights of our trip this year was stopping at Lamberts on the way. Daddy loved it he said it reminded him of home. Gideon wasn't too thrilled at the fact that people were going to throw bread at him, but quickly joined the game.

The kids love the house in Memphis since it has a wonderful fenced yard and a great park across the street.

Friday is spent with the MS family which is also a highlight!

Great food, memories and shopping = a great weekend!

Monday, November 5, 2012


I love dressing my kids and anyone that knows me knows I would rather spend money on their clothes than my own, from the time they were small after I finished getting them ready I would have them spin and i would say "oh so handsome" or "oh so pretty" and they smile so big!

Tonight I went to dinner with a friend and instead of wearing the normal jeans and a sweater I decided to dress up, when I walked down the stairs G said "Mommy spin" I can honestly say I did without even thinking and when he I stopped he said "Oh so pretty" ...... Lets just say this little guy melted my heart in more ways than you can even imagine!

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