Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

So I decided that with all of G's new awareness of how backhoes and steam shovels work (courtesy of YouTube), it was time to read him a classic book I bought him while he was in the womb. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. It was important to me that he like it as much as I did as a kid, so I must admit I was very happy when he asked me not to read another book next but grabbed that one back and made me read it to him again. Then I had to read it to him a third time.

No "brown bear what do you see" or "ways I love you" or "very busy spider." Tonight was all about Mike Mulligan and his steam shovel Mary Ann and how they dug the cellar for the new town hall of Popperville in just one day.

Being a dad is awesome.

Cows poop

So this weekend G learned an important lesson about cows while hanging out with Pa and Barba.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moooo! Neigh!

Suffice to say Pa and Barba's new house recieved G's complete approval yesterday. I think the photo speaks for itself. Notice the finger pushing hard enough on the screen to bend back a bit...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Wonderful Years!

Today is our anniversary! We have been married 3 wonderful years and I can say without a doubt I have never doubted my decision. And happy to say that our relationship has grown so much stronger than it was to begin with. He truly brings out the best of me!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Friday evening we went over to Aunt Angie's to hang out prior to heading to Hattie's for the evening. G loves Angie's dog! While we where chatting a little boy suddenly became too quiet, we discovered he had found a new place to play - Zoe's cage!!

-it was the perfect size for a little boy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank you !! Aunt Cara

Aunt Cara was super sweet and gave usl a bunch of outside toys that her little boy had outgrown, here is a picture I snapped while J was inside grabbing tools. G was so excited, he wouldn't even let J finish before he was climbing on it!!

Thanks, Aunt C!!! I can't wait to see his face when we show him the rest of the stuff!!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can we say sugar high!!

So today was the day that my doctor had scheduled my glucose test. I fasted all morning and so by the time I got there my stomach was already upset. The nurse took the form and asked why they had marked both the one hour test and the three hour test, I told her that with my last pregnancy that I didn’t pass the first time so they had me come back for the three hour one. She handed me the drink and told me that I had five minutes to drink it. Prior to drinking it, I asked her if she was going to draw blood first and she said no, go ahead and drink it she was just going to do the one hour test. I did what I was told and was sitting in the waiting room about 10 minutes and she came back and said that there was a problem. She had called my doctor and with me having gestational diabetes with G, that he wanted me to do the 3 hour test first, the one that she had to draw blood prior to drinking the orange drink from hell. She politely asked if I would reschedule…. So looks like I get to go in Monday again! Good Times.

Did I tell you how much I had dreaded this to begin with!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Less than 25 minutes!

I am happy to say that my parents are officially moved. It is less than 25 minutes from our doorstep to theirs. G woke up three times last night and then woke up around 6 for the day, as soon as he was up I asked him what he wanted to do today and he said Barba, so off we went to spend the morning at Barba's house. It was a great morning.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 weeks strong- hello second trimester !!

So Baby 2 is now 14 weeks strong this week and truthfully the past couple of months have flown. I am starting to be able to function more, only sick part of the day vs. the whole day. I even managed to suvive a trip to Chicago last weekend with my sister and best friend and their daughters! It was a very memorable trip!


Saturday, March 6, 2010

G giggling

So I read an article about addictive sounds that said the number one most addictive sound is a giggling baby. So... here you go.

While mom's away... The boys will play!

So, Tammy went up to Chicago for the day by train, leaving us boys here with an open schedule. So we made good use of it. First we went bowling with Terry. G is a big fan of bowling. He has been practicing at home, and at the alley, insists on carrying the ball himself and has a great time, as you can see.

Then we went to a park near Terry's house, and spent a few hours playing on the slides (wheeee) and chasing/leading Terry's dogs around the park. Pictures of this will be added here soon.
On the way home, we stopped by to see people flying model airplanes at 44 and 141, but they all landed right after we got there. Oh well, it was probably best. Someone didn't make it 2 minutes before passing out...

G slept for 3 hours... Even after Dad opened the curtains and let some light in the room.

When we finally woke up at nearly 4pm, we played for two more hours outside with the other neighborhood kids before finally coming in for bites and juice. Somehow I think that little boy is going to sleep like a rock...