Saturday, February 2, 2008

And it snows…

I have been so ready for spring lately and of course it snows this week.   One great thing about St. Louis is that you never know what to expect when it comes to the weather.   It could be sunny one day and building a fire the next.

Things are going well with "the Daltons" .   We made two trips so far this month, one to Memphis for Tom and Deanna's wedding and the second to Mississippi for a family members funeral ( Sue Kairit Taylor).   This weekend we only have one event we need to be at, so it's Saturday morning and we are trying to decide what to do.. so I am rambling on the blog :-)

I wasn't really a "pet" person until I met Josh and his two cats so I have been reading up on all the articles regarding pets and babies.  My favorite article is where they recommend putting aluminum foil in the baby bed prior to the babiy's arrival since cats are scared of it, so the baby bed should be set up by Tuesday and I am going to put this method to a test.     It has worked so far with the couch. 

I can say that the pregnancy so far has been an adventure, the baby is starting to move a lot which is the coolest feeling ever.   People have slowed down on the horror stories about their deliveries :-)  Nesting fever has not hit yet, although I think Josh is looking forward to that so we can have a spotless house.   The cravings have started and for some reason it has been ice cream and bbq chips, it's not out of control, yet.

Well I am going to go do something and not let this day go to waste ...

Love to all.