Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hi, My name is T and I am addicted to Facebook which is why the postings have been so few and far between.

Here is the lasted 411 on the Daltons.

1) G turns 1 in 16 days, party invitations have been mailed.
2) We are heading to Aunt T's for Memorial Day where J gets to fish and ride the 4-wheelers and I get to go to the outlets with my mom, sister and adorable nieces.
3) G is going to baptized on June 7th - Godparents have been choosen :-) and Dandy and GranDawn are coming in for the special day.
4) The house is going on the market officially June 3rd, if not a little before hand. Very excited about this, now to just decide what area we want to live in.
5) I am not pregnant. Just to let everyone know we are going to try later this year. I don't want to be pregnant and moving.
6) G got tubes last week and is doing great now, after running a fever for 4 days solid which was not tubes related.
7) G has another tooth and has gotten his hair cut. My little one looks like a little boy, :-( But a very adorable little boy.
8) We are doing great, enjoying parenting and looking forward to the summer.
9) Thats all folks for now :-)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Being a mom

So this is my first official Mother's Day and wow what a great one it has been, to say the least. Josh went out of his way to make today special.

This is my first year to be a mom, this time last year I had actually just came home from being in the hospital for 5 days due to pre-term labor. I remember being so scared, but thankfully everything worked out and my little one decided to wait to come.

I have learned more this year than I think I have any "single" year of my life, here are some of them.

1. Who knew I could survive on a couple hours sleep.
2. Being woke up in the middle of the night isn't so bad when they lay in your arms and say - Momma, momma, momma
3. A little boy can melt my heart in two seconds flat.
4. That the word momma is the best word in the world when it said by your little one.
5. I have so many of my mom's traits than I can even list.
6. That my mom was right, I didn't understand until I had children of my own.
7. That being a mom is truly the best thing in the world.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies, mommies to be, & mommies trying to bees!

and to my Mom,

Thanks for being such a great Mom!!

This is my favorite picture, he actaully has his arm around me.