Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bun in the oven!!

Well it's official, we are expecting.  I am right at 8 weeks.   We had waited to tell anyone because we didn't want to ruin our Halloween costume suprise and we wanted to make sure that everything was ok with my stomach issues.

The doctor was very reassuring that I shouldn't have any problems carrying the baby with having the hernia.   They can't do any more test until I am in the second trimester and that will only be necessary if I am still in a lot of pain.   He did say that I would probaly have to have a c-section if the hernia worsened.   We are hoping that is not necessary.

Josh is excited to say the least, he has already started reading "The Expectant Father" and is almost completely done with it :-) .  Our due date is June 8th and I can say that I am looking forward to having the summer off and spending it will a little one.  The polls have already started on what we are going to have and according to the chinese calendar we have a 50% chance for a girl and 50% chance for a boy, real helpful I could have told them that!!   Our wish is that we have a very healthy, beautiful baby.  

Love to all!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Married life…

Fall is finally here!! It's so nice to be able to take long walks without coming back drenched in sweat.   We finally have my stomach & asthma problems under control.  It was rather simple, no caffeine, nothing fried, no caffeine, no salads,  no caffeine, nothing spicy, no caffeine, no chocolate,  no caffeine....that's it - can you tell I am a tad bit bitter about the caffeine :-) The doctor recommend we do this for 4 weeks and then see how my progress is at that time.

Well we have been married almost 7 months now and its been a rather easy adjustment for us.   We were so busy the first couple of months that it flew by and now that things have slowed down we are starting to settle into a rather nice routine.   It's funny you hear all the horror stories of the "first year" and I don't think we have had any of the "growing" pains, yes Josh was sad to have to get rid of his "favorite" chair that he has had since childhood into college but he has adjusted rather well with the promise that I will replace it with one that the springs still in the cushion and not hanging out the bottom.  

As you can see with the picture below, he was with the chair till the very last moment.  

Parting brings such sorrow....

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stomach on Hiatus

Tammy's doctor told us the other week that she may have gotten a hiatal hernia in the past couple of weeks, and it caused her a ton of pain over the past month.  It got bad enough to cause an asthma attack (which she never had till this) that made it so hard for her to breathe that I had to take her to the hospital, where they gave her some sort of breathing treatment, along with a lidocaine laced mylanta cocktail of some kind, and a couple of tests to rule out some other possible causes of the kind of pain she was experiencing (i.e. blood tests to eliminate gall bladder / pancreas / kidney issues).

They don't want to do anything major to address it without trying diet and posture changes (i.e. sleep with head of bed elevated a bit, don't lie down for 1 hour after eating, etc.) so we've been experimenting lately to find what she can or cannot eat.  Suffice to say, I need to buy stock in Tums too.  There are a lot of things that can upset a herniated stomach and cause reflux which you wouldn't expect.  Obviously she can't eat any spicy, fatty, or greasy foods.  Less obvious is that salad, and basically any veggies in raw form are not recommended.

On the bright side is the improvement that dietary changes have made for the time being.  Her pain is way down from a week ago and hopefully the Prilosec will help give her stomach/esophagus a chance to heal up now.  For now we play the waiting game (4 to 6 weeks to heal such damage) then see how things are after that.

The craigslisting continues

So Tammy bought an ottoman that she found at Target, and it came so close to matching the couch, but was just barely off, and besides, it crowded the coffee table, so that's going up for sale on Craigslist.  The old coffee table is going too, as we picked up a well priced glass topped one.  Add to that the ceiling fan that was too heavy for vaulted ceiling, and my old computer desk, replaced with a big bookshelf we bought from... craigslist...  and it's clear that we're rackin up the craigslist usage... :D

I think I'm going to find a broker and buy some stock in Craigslist.  I'm not sure where they make money, but they sure are getting a lot of usage from us.  Note that I'm not complaining here.  We like getting money back for stuff we don't use... :)