Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall festivities

So we went apple picking Saturday, at the Eckert's Millstadt Family Fun Farm, with Tammy's parents and some of G's cousins. We had a great time and saw several friends unexpectedly. We started the day off right at IHoP with the new cinni-stax for us, a giant chocolate chip whipped cream smily pancake for G, and S had some milk and slept through breakfast :).

There were horse rides which G rode 3 times: (see cousin A on the horse behind him)

Plus G and I rode a camel! I kept thinking of the bit in the Seuss book Go Dog Go with the seven hump wump that belongs to Mr. Gump. Pictures of this will have to be added from the real camera.
Then we rode the carnival rides with the cousins, who screamed mightily inside the spinning apple ride (like the teacups, but enclosed). We had it spinning faster than anyone else riding. Honestly I was slowing them down to make sure everyone's lunch stayed down :)
Then we rode the swings, and the airplane swings, and drove the plywood tractor model (big win).

Then we went and picked some apples, while family friends Kay and Charles watched (spoiled probably) baby S.
Tammy has the good pics of that so look back later for them.

Sunday we started the day off right with homemade cinnamon apple swirls, that Tammy and G made with some apples from Saturday! Then went to the pumpkin patch and had even more fall fun with Cara, Eric, and Davin.

Naturally we rode a horse right away :)

Then Davin took G on the four wheeler barrel train, followed by a hay ride for all of us!

Here's a great picture of my beautiful wife with Baby S too. Check out that awesome hat Amanda made for her!

Anyway, we had a great time taking our kids out to enjoy the Fall weather and hang out with family and friends! Look for some extra pictures here once we get those pics off the real cameras :)