Thursday, March 20, 2008

Valley Park flooding

So, the Meramec river is flooding near us, and so far, it hasn't affected any homes, though the mayor says "The City of Valley Park is expecting flooding by the Meramec River. We expect flooding to occur within the city outside of the levee protected area." Here's a picture of it overflowing into some quarry south of our house, courtesy of ksdk:
Currently the river is supposed to set a record level of 40 feet, which basically puts anything outside the levy several feet underwater. Much of valley park is inside the levee, and we actually live along the big giant ridgeline that rises just north of the river, so our house is fine. (terrain map below courtesy of google shows where we live, as compared to where the flooding in the picture above is).
Anyway, that's all for now... my lunch break is over.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Fun with pictures!

Bunch of pictures now, since I've just spent the evening updating this server... :)

One for the baby book...

Me working on the nursery.

And at last, the thing you're really reading this for...
Pictures of the nursery!

Don't skip the post below, it's new too :)


Things are underway & a name has been chosen…..

We have decided to name our little one Gideon Clayton Dalton.   I never knew deciding a name could be so time consuming,  it was rather a funny process, one of us would come up with a name and then the other would decide if it was "worthy-enough" to be added to the list with the following criteria.

1) Could not be on the top ten name list from Social Security for 2007.

2) We both had to actually like the name.

3) and it could not have a cruel nickname.  

  One of my favorite names was Lucas until someone mentioned Lucus Mucus, so the name was taken off the list and we moved on.   Then one night we were bored and started looking people up on MySpace and Josh mentioned that he would like to get in touch with a guy from college named Gideon and that is when I fell in love with the name.   The name means " A Great Warrior" so it looks like we have a little fighter on her hands and as much as he has been moving I firmly believe this. 

Well we have been working on the nursery trying to get things ready for the little guy's arrival.     Josh's project has been to paint the nursery and the letters and as you can tell by the pictures he has been hard at work and definitely doing an awesome job.