Thursday, February 23, 2012

A perfect day!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Sometimes life can be hectic and sometimes you have days like today that everything goes well.

Our plans for this weekend were cancelled so instead of making other plans we decided to just enjoy the weekend. Today was a productive day and a fun , relaxing day. My favorite kind of day.

I love bargains! One of the kids resale shops had their dollar day and I majorly scored for both kids! Baby girl needed some winter clothes and so did Brother. A friend of mine went with me and by the time I made it over to the boy stuff it was extremely picked over and then was super excited when I walked up to my friend and she had grabbed a ton of clothes for G. I don't know how you are but finding brand new coats and clothes for a dollar makes my heart beat a little faster.

Both kids had joined us in bed around 6am so naptime was extremely easy the kids both slept long enough for J to fertilize the whole yard and I painted the dining room. Well mostly, J still needs to do all the trimming out :-)