Sunday, August 30, 2009

My new addiction!!

Anyone that knows me very well, knows I have a huge shutterfly addition. My favorite memory growing up was sitting in my Grandma V's basement and looking through all of her photo albums. Scrapbooking is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I love being able to create an entire book in one night and have it shipped to me in less than a week.

Blogging is something that I enjoy doing, but hated that I wasn't able to "keep" it or be able to print it until now, I found a website called and received my first book on Friday. The book looks like a shutterfly album, the website uploads all the pictures, text and comments and even puts the original date of the posting on it. Super cool!!

Check it out bloggers, you won't be disappointed. Great way to "keep" the postings for your kids! So yes they will know what we thought of parenthood and all the successes and mistakes we made :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Toby suffers terrible lawnmower accident

So as I posted my last blog entry I looked up to see that Toby the Talkbot had apparently fallen suddenly out of favor. Fortunately the only thing damaged was Toby's pride... this time...

Toby keeps on teaching

Just felt like mentioning that Toby the Talkbot still gets a grin and has begun teaching that the same button may give different results with multiple pushes...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Living with Pa and Barba

So we have been staying with my parents for the past two months while we settle things with the house, aren't going to go into details on the blog for varies reasons.... anyhow....G has become very attached to his grandparents so much in fact that he is on first name with my mom. It is rather amusing hearing a little guy running down the hall calling out for her - Barba, Barba...

In around about way it has sorta been nice being back at home, I am not going to lie I hate the sofa bed and I hate even more the drive from Washington to St. Louis, but it has sorta caused me to slow my life down. I miss my friends, but I do enjoy the time I have gotten to spend with my parents. I tease them that G is going to have major withdraws once we do move, but I think I will too.

Thanks Mom and Dad for being so great to us the past month!!