Monday, December 10, 2007

First Snow, Vegas, etc…

Vegas was fun, hectic, and weird as usual.  Terry and I met a ton of people at the convention, took a bunch of really interesting classes, and had some very fancy meals.  Tammy joined us there mid-week, and we went to see a comedy/broadway show called Spamalot on Friday evening, which was lots of fun, even if it stretched a bit far from the storyline of the movie it's based on... :)

Frighteningly, while we were gone, one of our power outlets nearly caught fire... 

That would explain the weird smell in the extra bedroom...  we thought maybe one of the cats had misbehaved...  what with all the boxes of stuff we put in that room during the recarpeting of the rest of the upstairs, we couldn't figure out what the smell was.  Apparently it was the smell of a melting outlet cover.

The carpeting was the last major change to the house before we begin work on the nursery.  Come spring we plan to move our office stuff into the spare bedroom, and begin work on making the office into the nursery.  The home improvements never seems to end around here.  Ah well.

In baby news, Tammy has officially felt the baby move!!!  Everything seems to be right on schedule, and we will be learning what we're having right after Christmas.

 That's about all I've got for now... watch for news of what we're having by New Years!