Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So much to blog, but so little time

The past couple months have flown by so quickly and I am very aware that my blogging has slowed down. Life has been busy, but wonderful. Sylvie is growing so fast, smiles constantly and is so loved by her big brother. I was unsure and nervous about how he would adjust and he has done wonderfully especially for only being two.

We spent Thanksgiving at home this year due to us all being sick, didn't want to risk getting Dandy & GranDawn sick and truthfully didn't have the energy to make the trip. I will blog more later about the day. It turned out to be a really special day for us.

We our in full force getting ready for Christmas. Josh and I are like two kids when it comes to shopping for Gid and Sylvie, I think we truthfully are a little out of control :-) The benefits of having two incomes and only two kids. Going tomorrow to do Santa pictures which I am sure will be interesting.

Just wanted to take a moment and post some updated pictures.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shutterfly - My hobby

So I have to say that a lot of my friends are extremely talented. One of my best friends from Cali can sing like an angel and has started painting, I have to admit she is totally awesome at it. I have another friend that can sew anything, a friend that can crochet, another friend that makes gorgeous cakes, and the list goes on... I on the other hand am not artsy. I have tried - taken classes and so on. I was whining, I mean talking to J the other night about this and he said that my talent is Shutterfly. I started laughing and my reply was that it doesnt take talent to use Shutterfly, just determination to set aside the time. I have to admit I love all their products from their birth announcements http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/birth-announcements to how easy it is to upload pictures to http://www.shutterfly.com/upload-pictures/. I am excited this year to start working on our Christmas cards that will of course come from them. I counted and I have done over 50 photobooks. 34 are just of our family.

Tonight I was spending some time with G and I grabbed one of the books to have him look at it with me and his response was No- Mommy I want the train one. This being one of the books I did for him this summer of our trip to the Museum of Transportation. This melted my heart that he remembered that book.

I always considered it an addiction, not a hobby, but I think I have changed my mind. My favorite memory growing up was looking through all the photo albums my grandma had and I hope some day that my grandchildren will enjoy looking through these as much as I enjoyed making them.